Men. women and children often sing as they work and play and on special occasions. We have collected only a small sample on audiotape and hope to add others from videotape at a later date.
1. A male choir sings a dirge at Kwoyni Gwosa’s funeral accomapied by a dang drum and musical chains. The antiphonal singing with a leader and answering chorus is characteristic of group singing at Sukur.

2. Congregational singing at the Dalak Catholic Church on Christmas Eve, 1992. In recent years both Protestant and Catholic churches have been established with Sukur pastors/catechists. However, the songs sung during services are in Hausa.

3. Women singing accompanied by an unidentified rattle at the Ekklesiyar Yan’uwa A Nigeria Protestant church on Christmas Day 1992.

4. Children singing, we think in Hausa, accompanied by a drum, near the Dalak Catholic church.

5. And, curiously since we are in Nigeria, the childen wish you a Happy New Year in French! Bonne Année!